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Can you eliminate the strategy-execution gap? If your organization is growing, you need a way to properly manage that growth through deliberate strategy execution. Use this guide to ensure your goals are met and your organization is put on a path to sustained success.

  • Mission, Vision, Values as foundation
  • The Value of Strategic Goals
  • Strategy Execution Must be Shared Across the Organization
  • Embrace Technology and Toss the Binders

The first entry for the Non-Profit Leadership Series, the Board Meeting Success Kit is specifically designed to walk you through the Board Meeting process step by step, with tips and tools to ensure a successful meeting and experience. In the Success Kit you will find these six turnkey categories:

  • The Board Packet
  • Meeting Prep
  • Taking Notes Like Pro
  • Tech Tips & Tools
  • The Impact of Bylaws
  • The Meeting Agenda Template
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